Summer and Fall 2022

 -research in new dance work for CCBdance Project.

-DSA October 18-22 at Simon Frasier University, “Jewish Choreographers Panel- Practice as Research into Social Activism” with Jessica Roseman and Kristen Smiarowski. 

-post production for dance film Lacina Coulibaly, Jessica Ray and Celia Weiss Bambara

Dance film production Spring 2022 with Celia Weiss Bambara,...

Dance film production Spring 2022 with Celia Weiss Bambara, Lacina Coulibaly, Jessica Ray and Mr. Brown in West Baltimore.

Visiting Oshun Movement Research With Coppin State University...

Visiting Oshun Movement Research With Coppin State University Students with Dr. Celia Weiss Bambara PC CBambara CCBdance Project

-Thank you MSAC for your support in Maryland. Please see http://msac.org/directory/artists/celia-bambara

-This is the 16th year for the CCBdance Project.  Celia Weiss Bambara became solo director of the company in 2012 carrying on the work begun with co-founder Christian Bambara during his illness. During this ten year period the company taught and performed in Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal, France, Germany, North Carolina, New York, California, Maryland, and Michigan. In 2015, the CCBdance Project became a non-profit in the Ivory Coast as well as a fiscally sponsored entity in the United States. Celia created site dance work, installations, dance films, improvisations, work with students and large scale solo and small ensemble pieces. This spring, celebrating this spirit of resilience and regeneration we will show repertory dance work at Coppin State University in Baltimore and site dance or dance film created by students at Coppin and possible visiting artists. We will also create a new dance film with collaborators and students and some movement research/improvisation as an installation in a parking lot  West Baltimore. 

May 4th- Showing of student dance work and work set on students, “Let it Flow-Let it Grow” by Cbambara.

May 6th- Studio showing of student work and screening of “Je Te Souhaites Du Bien et Apres” movement research for the solo “Steppin Up.” Co-sponsored by the Title IX Office at Coppin State University.

-Je Te Souhaites Du Bien et Apres Screen Dance is a semi-finalist for the Sydney Indie Short Film Festival. 

-Je Te Souhaites Du Bien et Apres Screen is a semi-finalist for the Dubai Independent Film Festival.

-Screen Dance blue, green is selected by the Toronto International Women Film Festival.

April  27th- Dialogue on Improvisation-From Tradition to Contemporary with Lacina Coulibaly. Virtual event co-sponsored by the CCBdance Project 10 am -11 am.

-Screen dance production with collaborators Lacina Coulibaly, Jessica Ray, Jerry Brown, and Coppin Dance Students at CSU as part of DANC 426. Spring production of a dance film with collaborators Lacina Coulibaly and Jessica Ray with Coppin Students.

March 28th-Workshop on African Dance with Lacina Coulibaly co-sponsored by the CCBdance Project. Virtual event through CSU.

March 30th-Performance of student work in library quad and site-dance work set on students by Bambara (in process).

February 4th Screening of Je Te Souhaites Du Bien at Apres, at Screen Dance Istanbul/Dance Camera Pandemania. Official selection.

With gratitude!

-An improvisational installation and dialogue about improvisation may also be improvisationaly made possible. 

Film still from blue, green screen dance, press photo 2013...

Film still from blue, green screen dance, press photo 2013 CCBdance Project

Summer and Fall 2021

Informal screening of dance films and CCBdance Project Dance Work in Baltimore Spring 2022.

-October-November Visiting Oshun -Informal Community Site Dance Performances with Coppin Students details to be announced separately on Coppin Social Media through Dance 425, December 3rd showing of “Visiting Oshun” community dance. 

-November 19-21 November Body IQ- Somatics Festival in Berlin, Germany, Screening of Je Te Souhaites Du Bien et Apres…-Screening, academic paper delivery on the research process for the movement scores in the film.

-October 28th Curated Virtual Dialogue “African Diasporic Experimental Art- Interdisciplinary Process and Praxis” Through Coppin State University with Helanius Wilkins, Julie Iarisoa, and Jamal Moore. Dance Program and Humanities Department. 

-October 14-17 Dance Studies Association screening of Je Te Souhaites Du Bien et Apres on Friday the 15th and Saturday 16th 7:30-9:00-Screendance Screening. 

-October 11 Curated dialogue with “Cynthia Oliver and Collaborators- Dance Making and Process”. Virtual dialogue through Coppin State University Dance Program and Humanities Department. 11 am to 12 pm EST. 

-October 6-7 Martha’s Vineyard African American Virtual Film Festival. Screening of “Je Te Souhaites Du Bien et Apres” 

-June 16th Virtual Showing of 30 minute solo, who fears not death (2021) original sound score by Kimathi Moore. Production and lighting design part of Northern Michigan University’s Couch Show.  Lighting design by Dan Zini. 

-June 10 Finalist for the Vancouver Independent Film Festival Je Te Souhaites Du Bien et Apres (2020)

-May 21 Screening and Dance Premiere of dance films blue, green (2021), Je Te Souhaites Du Bien et Apres (2020), and excerpt of solo who fears not death (2021) in Marquette, Mi.

Spring 2021-News, Updates, Premiers- We are in our 15th...

Spring 2021-News, Updates, Premiers- We are in our 15th Year-

Film Stills-2020. Yacouba Badolo,Celia Bambara, Kayla Hamilton “Je Te Souhaites Du Bien et Apres”

- April 27th BCPS (Baltimore County Public Schools) Virtual Dance Festival, Masterclass in Contemporary Dance For High School Students. Outreach for Coppin State University. 

-February 11th Guest Class with Northern Michigan Universitys’ Choir on Performing with the Body and Opening the Body to Sound and Movement.

-Premier of Dance Film and Dialogue About Process February 26th through Coppin State University at 3pm. Link to Film Premier Here

Moderated by Dr. Edwin Hill Professor of French and Francophone Studies, American Studies and Ethnic Studies, USC

-Official selection of Montreal Independent Film Festival, Screening April 20th.

-Completion of blue, green dance film with Loren Earle and Kima Moore.

- Final musical composition production for Who Fears Not Death solo with musician Kimathi Moore.Two versions are being created a 20 minute version with and a 30 minute version with tire props and mise-en-scene. 

-Premiere and Informal sharing of two dance films and solo dance work in excerpt. May 21st at 8 pm in a private beach location in Marquette, MI. Invite only for up to 30 people. 

Please see trailer below-”Je Te Souhaites Du Bien et Apres…Is This What We are Looking For?”