Spring 2021-News, Updates, Premiers- We are in our 15th...

Spring 2021-News, Updates, Premiers- We are in our 15th Year-

Film Stills-2020. Yacouba Badolo,Celia Bambara, Kayla Hamilton “Je Te Souhaites Du Bien et Apres”

-February 11th Guest Class with Northern Michigan Universitys’ Choir on Performing with the Body and Opening the Body to Sound and Movement.

-Premier of Dance Film and Dialogue About Process February 26th through Coppin State University at 3pm. Link to Film Premier Here

Moderated by Dr. Edwin Hill Professor of French and Francophone Studies at USC

-Official selection of Montreal Independent Film Festival, Screening April 20th.

-Completion of blue, green dance film with Loren Earle and Kima Moore.

- Final musical composition production for Who Fears Not Death solo with musician Kimathi Moore. Two versions are being created a 20 minute version with and a 30 minute version with tire props and mise-en-scene. 

Other premier dates TBA

Please see trailer below-”Je Te Souhaites Du Bien et Apres…Is This What We are Looking For?”

Inherited Dreams #1 at INSAAC Abidjan, 2013 With Tche Tche...

Inherited Dreams #1 at INSAAC Abidjan, 2013 With Tche Tche member Flavienne Lago

Je Te Souhaites Du Bien ET Après…Is This What We Are Looking For?Choreography/Direction: Celia Weiss Bambara 

Collaborators: Movement: Kayla Hamilton, Yacouba Badolo Videography: Jessica Ray, Ashli Bickford, Loren Earle Original Composition: Abou Bassa, Kimathi MooreVideo Editing: Jessica Ray

This work draws upon scores for an evening length work of the same title. Dance artists Jean-Luc Okou and Momar Ndiaye have assisted in the research process for this work as collaborators. 

 This contemporary dance project engages the thematic materials of how we treat others in society and suggests perhaps other ways of intertwining our worlds. Very often we say how we wish people well but turn a blind eye to their plight or to the lives of others in general. This work suggests then a way of seeing, hearing and speaking differently so as to break apart established ways of societal blindness or numbness. The work draws upon the ways that we are blind to those around us and presents an observation of the human condition. Due to the pandemic, selected scores from the evening length work, which was slotted to premier in 2020, have been made into a dance film. The CCBdance Project is indebted to our collaborators and mentors as well as to the Maryland State Arts Council. This project has been supported by the Maryland State Arts Council and through residencies at Ecole Des Sables (Senegal), Donko Seko (Mali), and the University of North Carolina, Asheville. Mentors Souleymane Badolo, Germaine Acogny and Kettly Noel have graciously offered feedback at different points in the process. Christian Bambara has also generously offered his support for this new work for the company.

Fall 2020 Celia will be in production for a solo dance film blue, green with Lauren Earle and Kimathi Moore. This work will respond to Celia’s Jewish identity and vision disability.  We will adapt the original sound composition to new improvisational scores and somatic studies created in 2020.

This screen dance was researched in sites in Asheville, NC in 2019 and in Marquette, MI in 2020. The original score was created by Kimathi Moore was funded by a University of North Carolina Asheville Teaching Council Award in 2019 for musical collaboration during a production for dance minor students, which drew upon similar thematic materials. In 2020, Celia Weiss Bambara furthered the research process by improvising and engaging in somatic studies in sites in the small peninsula in Michigan where she lived between the ages of 2 and 12 roughly. From the ages of 9-11, approximately, my mother would pack me off to Jew camp in Wisconsin for almost a month. There I lived on a kibbutz for children in army tents. While it was a wonderful experience on many many levels it was also challenging on other levels. Mainly, I was not as sophisticated as the big city Jewish girls. I found refuge though, in the small garden patch, singing everyday, New Hebrew learning, and the lake and in the outdoor temple services. We would sit outside in the woods and listen to lectures on god and nature, ethics, and community. The 11-year-old girl, that is still a part of me, with the long braids and uneven laugh, loved the lectures on Kabbalah and nature and the singing. This dance film working connects me to that partially blind 11 year old and my adult understanding and somatic studies of women’s connections to nature as a place of power, Jewish female identity, African dance practices, Diasporic links and refuge.

Film will be premiered in 2021. 

Meet Celia Weiss Bambara of CCB Danceproject

Meet Celia Weiss Bambara of CCB Danceproject:

Short interview with dance artist and scholar lizzie leopold in chicago in 2010-2011. Many years ago. As the CCBdance Project enters our 14th year of production and growth we are grateful for all of the dance experiences we have had and for the new growth to come as it may. 

Les Navettes Spring 2019 at the BELK Theater UNCAMoving Voices...

Les Navettes Spring 2019 at the BELK Theater UNCA

Moving Voices 2019 PC

Winter/Spring 2020

April 21st, Site-Dance at Coppin State University 3:30-4:30 in the quad in front of Grace Jabobs Building.  Baltimore, MD 

Put on Hold Due to COVID 19

Showing of Moving Voices with Jana Schmeuck at Movement Research in NYC January 28th, 2020. 

Moving Voices Project PC Marquana Burgess Fall 2018 UNC...

Moving Voices Project PC Marquana Burgess Fall 2018 UNC Asheville

Les Navettes at the Carol Belk Theater Spring 2019 UNC Asheville

Summer/Fall 2019

Residency with Jana Schmeuck/Moving Voices Project in East Germany, Presentation in Berlin and Movement Research Teaching. 

-Residency at Academie Remsheid November 11th-15th, will teach masterclasses in contemporary dance, creative work on video and film and informal showing of multi-media dance work, Moving Voices #2. 

November 15-18th,Presentation of Moving Voices #2 at Body IQ Somatics  Festival in Berlin 

Workshop on Somatics and Dance Making Methodologies-Moving Voices

Improvisation Gatherings

DSA (Dance Studies Association) Panel Dancing Jewishness, Race and Interculturalism’s Practice as Research at August 8-11th at Northwestern University in Chicago. Fellow presenters Adam McKinney and Selene Carter. Practice as research paper presentation on Jewishness and overlapping diasporas through improvisation.

Art Panel at Revolve Gallery With Cara Hagan and other artists for the My Place, or Yours curated series. June 21st at 6:30 pm.