Winter 2024-August 2024 (PC Mariah Karson). CCBdance Project at Links Hall in 2007.

Winter 2024-August 2024 (PC Mariah Karson). CCBdance Project at Links Hall in 2007.

July 24-27th Cartographies of Movement in Buenos Aires. Dance Studies Association presentation of “Cycles of Growth” screen dance made with Lacina Coulibaly and Jessica Ray to be shown at the Dance Studies Association.

July 15th-18th IFTR Performance as Research Group sharing of methods in improvisation drawn from two solo works dating 15 years apart in relation to Jewish and African diasporic practices and identities.

June 14th, 15th work “The Still, The Fleeting” in performance lab 1 with Hong Kong Academy of the Performing Arts will be shown in Dance Studio 1 theater for Dance 3 production.

Revised work on La Lune (drafts winter into summer), solo with dramaturgie by Lacina Coulibaly. Music to be announced.

Move to HK January 2023. #jewishgirlsinHK, #screendance #interculturalism #par #dancemaking #improvisation

Fall 2023

Fall 2023

October 5-7 Texas Dance and Improvisation Festival at Texas Women’s University-Teacher

Rhythm, Texture, Flow This workshop will explore a layered set of questions that dive deep into swimming with rhythmic patterning, the textures of memory, and finding flows. We will ask questions about moving deeply into nuances occurring at the same time and then also of rupture and slippage. The material will begin with guided work that delves into meditative spaces and then moves into more structural groundedness-Participants will find space to “flow” with each other and separately into accumulations that connect rhythm, texture and flow. Teaching 6th and 7th.

Work on book projects-Movement Research

-selection of the screen dance Cycles of Growth for the Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions, screening September 18th-2nd of October,UK.

-semi-finalist Cycles of Growth for International Moving Film Festival, Iran Nov 21st.

-2+U Shunpike time based artist in residence. Movement research for solo work about Jewish Girls and the moons, current title La Lune.

photo of celia bambara at the silveroom during their block party in a site-adaptive work 2010, Chicago.

Spring/Summer 2023

-Lacina Coulibaly Residency at CCA in partnership with the CCBdance Project April dates- 12th -15th

 Master Class-April 13th in Improvisation at Cornish College of the ArtsOpen to all in the program 1:35-2-55 pm during Somatics, Improvisation, and Healing practice led course at Cornish College of the Arts. 

-April 14th 7-8 pm at Art Wall at Cornish College Of the Arts with Celia, Lacina and students site-adaptive scores 
-May 3rd at 4pm  at Kerry Hall at Cornish College of the Arts will be shown in the afternoon after showings-site adaptive.
This will be with Celia and students.

-April 13th Guest Lecture at Yale- Dr. Celia Weiss Bambara will lecture on improvisation and Africanisms in Haiti and the Diaspora. 

-BASE Experimental Residency for CCBdance Project May 29th -June 4th

Thursday 1st June evening showing 6 pm 

Master Class with  Lacina Coulibaly at the MCC May 30th 3-5 pm

This showing will include three screen dances and movement research for a solo and trio project. Residency activities at Cornish College of the Arts and Base Experimental are partially supported by 2022-23 Faculty Development Grant and are in partnership with the Dance Program at Cornish College of the Arts and the CCBdance Project.

Film Still- “Cycles of Growth” (2022) Lacina Coulibaly and Celia...

Film Still- “Cycles of Growth” (2022) Lacina Coulibaly and Celia Weiss Bambara in collaboration with David Zoungrana and Jessica Ray. 

Summer and Fall 2022

-December 2022, official selection of Cycles of Growth (2022) at Better Earth International Film Festival in categories of performance and experimental short. December 12th showing as an award winner. 

-December 2022, official selection of Cycles of Growth (2022) at the Amsterdam Freedom Independent IFF in the category of best experimental short. 

-November 18th, 19th showing of new work “Flows”  on Cornish Dance Theater with musical composition by Jon Butler in collaboration with students.  Show produced and curated by Celia Bambara at the Cornish Playhouse.

-November 3rd official selection of Cycles of Growth (2022) screen dance by Madras Independent Film Festival (Chennai, India). 

-October 21st site-adaptive of Flows for CDT at the Benke Gallery with Cornish Dance Theater at Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA. 12:30-1:30 pm. 

-DSA (Dance Studies Association) October 18-22 at Simon Frasier University, “Jewish Choreographers Panel- Practice as Research into Social Activism” with Jessica Roseman and Kristen Smiarowski. Pre-formed panel.

-post production for dance film Lacina Coulibaly, Jessica Ray and Celia Weiss Bambara, “Cycles of Growth” (2022)