Je Te Souhaites du Bien et Apres        Who Fears Not Death

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Kenbe, Amour, Colère, Folie        La Amitie

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Screen Dance and Projection


Ninga (2006-2009)

Ninga ("the face") is a duo that questions how the face is changed through the experiences of immigration and racism. The work expresses the violence of racism and the attempts of individuals to find solace while enduring that violence and the difficulties of new racialized experience. The struggle of this daily battle is expressed in the work in an attempt to raise awareness of the differing effects of racisms.

Choreography: Christian Bambara
Choreographic Assistance: Celia Weiss Bambara
Dance and Collaboration: Celia Weiss Bambara and Christian Bambara
Music: Issa Coulibaly and Kimberly Fitch
Lighting Design: Jeff Fightmaster
Length: 30 minutes

This work was awarded residencies by Links Hall, the Chicago Cultural Center, Grinnell College and Holy Family Ministries and supported by generous donations to the CCBdance Project. It has been performed at Bethel New Life Church, Links Hall, the Chicago Cultural Center, Gateway Dance Theater in Des Moines and Grinnell College in Iowa.