Je Te Souhaites du Bien et Apres        Who Fears Not Death

Je suis entre deux        Inherited Dreams

C'est Lass        Transcendance

Kenbe, Amour, Colère, Folie        La Amitie

Cycles of Violence        Ninga        Ashade

Site Specific Works        Past Work in Repertoire

Screen Dance and Projection


Transcendance (2009)

When the world's echoes unite in me, I listen to their roar, and I dance.
The door of doubt closes and opens onto my senses.
Listening to the roaring world inside of me, I dance, I live, I exist. I Dance in the world's body.
Through the•body of the world, my body, the world dances.
Under the light that supports each one of my gestures, I exhale the dust of movements.
The world flaps its wings, liberates itself from gravity.
I Dance a thousand memories of human form buried in the night of time, across the light that sustains.
I Dance the time of the philosopher, of the poet, I dance the infinite.
I Dance•my body in harmony with gravity.
I Dance•my emotions through the poetry of the movement
Coming back to myself, belong finally, I find eternity in the moment of movement.

Choreography: Lacina Coulibaly
Dance: Lacina Coulibaly
Music: Toumani Diabaté and Taj Mahal with the sound Mississippi-Mali blues
Soriba Kouyaté with the sound Mali Sadio
Length: 20 minutes

Special thanks to Lassann Congo, Souleymane Badolo, Caroline Giguère, Med Coulibaly Massassi and the Centre Culturel Français Georges Méliès.