Je Te Souhaites du Bien et Apres        Who Fears Not Death

Je suis entre deux        Inherited Dreams

C'est Lass        Transcendance

Kenbe, Amour, Colère, Folie        La Amitie

Cycles of Violence        Ninga        Ashade

Site Specific Works        Past Work in Repertoire

Screen Dance and Projection


Site–Specific Works:

Communicating Beauty, Kerry Hall at CCA and Behnke Family Gallery/Ivey Art Wall with students and collaborator Lacina Coulibaly, site-adaptive scores, 2023

Flows Site dance at Behnke Family Gallery, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA, October 21st, 2022

Standing Up, Installation of solo work at Coppin State University 2022

Let it Grow, Let it Flow, Site dance set on Coppin State University Students 2022

Visiting Oshun, Site Dance and Community Performance in multiple sites in Maryland (part of community dancecourse at Coppin State University), 2021

Moving Voices in Asheville, NC with Jana Schmuck (multiple sites), 2018

Maybe, Homes and Healings in Asheville, NC, in the Botanical Gardens, 2016

Kenbe, Lage at Doukan in Chicago, 2012

Site-Dance for the Silver Room Block Party, 2011

Cycles of Violence at Alice Yard in Trinidad, 2010